Boom Cards exist exclusively in the cloud (just like Kahoots and Quizlets). You need either a free account or a premium membership to use your Boom Cards. Free accounts play Boom Cards with a Fastplay pin. 

If you have a premium membership (whether paid or a through a free promotion), you can play Boom Cards using our Boom Learning Classroom tools that generate student reports. With student reports, you can track accuracy, errors, and fluency speed for students. Track by individual or whole classroom. More importantly, premium memberships enable you to make reteaching decisions today instead of after the big test.

Try a premium membership to change the way you teach! 

To see membership pricing...

go to

Step One - how much creating do you plan to do?

I want to make and sell decks - you must choose Ultimate.

I want to make decks with that use sound files - choose Ultimate or Powerplus.

I want to make a lot of decks for myself and I don't plan to add sound files - choose Power

None of the above? Go to Step Two.

Step Two - How many students do you want to have Supercharged Student Success Reports for?

None. I just want them to play decks for practice. I don't really care how they performed. Choose Starter and assign decks using Fast Pins.

I'm a homeschooler/afterschooler and have less than 6 kids. Choose Starter.

Yes, I need to know exactly how they are performing! Go to Step Three.

Step Three - For how many students do you want to individually track performance?

Just my family or a few challenged students (5 or less) - our free Starter account will serve your needs

50 students or less - you'll need at least Basic

150 students or less - you'll need at least Power

200 students or less - you'll need at least Ultimate

Accounts are for a single teacher serving up to the number of students listed. Multiple teachers means multiple memberships.

If you have more students that what is available on your desired membership tier, you can purchase student seats directly from the Membership tab of your account settings! Additional student seats are available at $0.50 each with a minimum purchase of 5 seats.

To buy premium decks, fonts or images, you'll also want to pick up some points from the Store