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Step One - how much creating do you plan to do?

I want to make and sell decks - you must choose Ultimate.

I want to make decks with that use sound files - choose Ultimate or Powerplus.

I want to make a lot of decks for myself and I don't plan to add sound files - choose Power

None of the above? Go to Step Two.

Step Two - How many students do you want to have Supercharged Student Success Reports for?

None. I just want them to play decks for practice. I don't really care how they performed. Choose Starter and assign decks using Fast Pins.

I'm a homeschooler/afterschooler and have less than 6 kids. Choose Starter.

Yes, I need to know exactly how they are performing! Go to Step Three.

Step Three - For how many students do you want to individually track performance?

Just my family or a few challenged students (5 or less) - our free Starter account will serve your needs

50 students or less - you'll need at least Basic

150 students or less - you'll need at least Power

200 students or less - you'll need at least Ultimate

Accounts are for a single teacher serving up to the number of students listed. Multiple teachers means multiple memberships.

More than 200 students? Contact us so we can give you a quote. We are currently pricing additional seats at $.50 per student. Minimum purchase of 10 students.

To buy premium decks, fonts or images, you'll want to pick up some points from the Store