This guide will help you decide which Boom Learning membership will best meet your needs. The memberships outlined in this article are exclusive to individual users of Boom; if you are interested in bulk membership purchases for your school or organization, please take a look at our buying guide here.


Boom Cards exist exclusively in the cloud. You can use Boom Cards on a free account by using a Fastplay pin. Our paid memberships grant you access to premium features, a higher student and classroom limit, and unlimited self-made decks on your account.

If you have a premium membership (whether paid or a through a free promotion), you can play Boom Cards using our Boom Learning Classroom tools that generate student reports. With student reports, you can track accuracy, errors, and fluency speed for students. Track by individual or whole classroom. More importantly, premium memberships enable you to make reteaching decisions today instead of after the big test.

Try a premium membership to change the way you teach! 

Individual Membership Pricing

Keep reading to learn how to decide which one of these is best for you with three easy steps!

Step One - Do you want to sell your own Boom Cards?

If you want to create your own Boom Cards and sell them, Publisher is the membership for you!

Not only do you get the ability to sell your creations in the Boom Store, but you'll also have access the other features available with the Premium membership.

To learn about selling your own Boom Cards, take a look at our Quick Start Guide for Boom Card Creators.

Not interested in selling Boom Cards? Move on to Step Two.

Step Two - If you aren't looking to become a seller, how much do you plan on creating your own Boom Cards?

If you aren't planning on making very many of your own Boom Cards, choose Free or Essentials.
  • Free is perfect if you have 5 or less students and don't plan on making your own Boom Cards.
  • Choose Essentials if you have more than 5 students, but still don't plan on making your own cards.

If you want to make your own decks that include your own sound files, choose Premium.
  • Premium gives you unlimited ability to create your own Boom Cards and you can also upload your own sound files to them such as narration, verbal instructions, or sound effects. 

Not concerned about creating your own material? Move on to Step Three.

Step Three - How many students will you have? Will you be sharing student accounts?

If you will be sharing student accounts using the Boom Colleague Feature you will need an Essentials membership or higher regardless of the amount of students you have. 

Not sharing students? If you have 5 or less students, choose the Free account.

  • You can assign material with Fast Pins to easily play Boom Cards without needing to log in!
  • Perfect for students who use Boom Cards for practice, or if you just don't need to track their performance

More than 5 students? Choose Essentials or Premium.

  • With Essentials, you'll start out with room for 150 students and can organize them into 17 different sections/classrooms.
  • Premium also starts with 150 students and 17 classrooms, but you'll have access to our Live Monitoring feature which allows you to watch your student's performance data populate in real time, making it easier to have a reteaching moment while they work through material. Plus, you'll be able to create an unlimited amount of your own Boom Cards!

More than 150 students? Based on how you answered steps one and two, choose Essentials, Premium, or Publisher.

  • With a paid membership, you start out with 150 students, but you can purchase more right from the Membership tab of your account settings! 
  • To purchase, open the Settings menu on the right side of your screen and select Membership. Then, click on the blue, "Buy Seats" button under the Membership Information box. 
  • You can purchase additional student seats at any time, and these will be added to your annual membership. 
  • Note: additional student seats are available a minimum purchase of 5 seats, and each teacher account can host up to 700 total students.

Note: Accounts are for a single teacher serving up to the number of students listed. Multiple teachers means multiple memberships.

I figured out which membership I need! Now what?

If you don't already have a Boom Teacher account, you can sign up for free here. Then, visit our Membership Plans page to purchase your membership. 

To buy premium decks, fonts or images, you'll also want to pick up some points from the Store

If you're brand new to Boom, be sure to check out our Quick Start Guide for Teachers!