Your seller should have provided a .pdf document to you with a link to click. Here are some trouble shooting steps to take when you don't see decks.

If you purchased your Boom Cards from a site other than Boom Learning

1. Check that you are logged in on the device in your teacher role (go to the right-hand top menu). Redemption will not take place if the logged in user is a classroom or student.

2. Check that you have clicked the correct link in the seller document.

3. If you are still unable to redeem the deck, send us a copy of your seller redemption document and proof of purchase, With those, we can manually add the deck to your Library.

If you purchased your Boom Cards from Boom Learning

1. Check your cart, you may not have finished checkout.

Boom Learning checkout has two parts: checkout for points and checkout for decks. 

If you have enough points to buy the decks in your cart, they'll go straight to your Library. If you don't have enough points, first we'll process your points purchase. Then you'll need to go back to your card to complete your deck, image, or font purchase.

Did you charge me twice? 

We don't charge for the same deck unless you DELETE the deck and then later re-buy it. If you are missing a deck, you likely need to finish checking out your cart (see above). You can always check your list of your redemptions.

Choosing a Username:

Sometimes your Library access will not activate properly as a result of not having fully completed your account set up.

Please choose an available username from your Classes page:

Once you set this name, return to your Library page and refresh it. This is known to restore your Library access.