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Here are some things you should know when ordering Boom Learning accounts for your school:

1. Memberships (Basic, Power, Ultimate) provide the data processing, hosting, and related elements of the Boom Learning product, including student progress reporting and the ability to create curricula for your teams (learn about Share, Clone and Transfer collaboration tools 
here). Membership fees are annual.

The price is per teacher, with different packages having different quantities of student seats and different DIY features. We have a decision tree for choosing membership levels here. For your first year, we recommend you start with the lowest level membership that provides each teacher with enough student accounts to meet the teacher's service population. It is easy to upgrade midyear to add additional students or additional creating features. 

2. Points are digital access codes. Points are required to obtain the ready-made teaching resources created by teaching and curriculum professionals. We recommend purchasing an allowance for each teacher. Resources redeemed with points are associated with the membership account into which they are redeemed. Teaching resources redeemed with points will be available in accounts in subsequent years. For the first year, we recommend the following allowances:

  • Elementary classroom teachers 2000 - 3000 points each
  • Secondary classroom teachers and elementary specialists (computer lab, library, music, foreign language) 50,000 - 100,000 points each.

You can make do with less, but this will get your teachers off to a strong start. In subsequent years, your teachers will better be able to estimate how many they need.

Points are per account (and decks too). Our curriculum professionals base their pricing on the assumption that each teacher will make their own purchase. Sharing of purchases between teachers is prohibited. Each teacher must redeem a deck separately.

3. Unused points can be transferred between teacher memberships on a school account at any time or used to renew membership accounts. We want to see you get your full value and to help you be a good steward of public resources.

4. Accounts purchased by schools stay with the school and can be transferred between teachers upon request to address staffing changes. Schools are welcome to gift accounts to departing teachers. If an account was first purchased by the teacher, any purchases made by the school to the account stay with the teacher if the teacher departs. "Purchased" means purchase of decks with a fee (not free) or purchase of membership. An account with no purchased decks and an expired membership is not considered to be a teacher-purchased account.

5. Accounts are provisioned upon receipt of a purchase order. Payment is in USD via credit card, Paypal, check/money order, or ACH.

6. To speed processing, with your purchase order, please provide a list of email addresses for the teachers who will be using accounts and your tax exemption certificate (or other evidence of exemption permitted by your state).

7. Once per month, you can ask us to send you a report of usage. This report will show, by teacher, points remaining, and last log in time. Teachers themselves have records of when students last logged in. 

8. When you contact us about renewal, upon request, we will provide you with the above report and a recommendation for accounts to renew, not renew, and whether you should purchase additional points or not.

9. School-purchased accounts can be transferred between teachers to reflect changes of grade level serviced, temporary leave, and more. For example Kasha (5th) and Tyler (3rd) switch grade levels in year two. We can reassign Tyler's account to Kasha and Kasha's account to Tyler. All DIY decks created transfer with the account. Kasha and Tyler can use our Share, Clone and Transfer tools to reassign or share any DIY decks to the other account before or after the transfer.