Gift Cards are used to gift another user the funds to purchase a membership or points on their own account. Read below for details on how to purchase or redeem a gift card. 

How to Buy a Gift Card

During our gift voucher sales periods, we will provide a link in this FAQ article to complete our gift card order form. 

Gift Card sales are currently closed.

We will invoice you for payment. Once we have processed your order, we will issue an invoice with your Gift Cards attached. 

Your Gift Cards are not valid until the invoice is paid. Once they are activated, gift cards do not expire.

Gift cards have a minimum value of $20 and are limited in value to $100 or less. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for the buyer's use. To add points directly to your own account, purchase a points package in the Boom Store. Purchase a voucher to send others the ability to add points or pay for a membership.

How to Redeem a Gift Card 

Gift cards can be redeemed for our points packages, memberships, and/or a combination of points and memberships. 

Partial use of a gift card will result in a reissue of a new gift card for the remaining value. Sales tax may apply to any purchase made with a gift card.

To redeem, send in a request to redeem your gift card to the Help Center. Attach the image of your gift card which clearly shows the amount and redeem code.