• Decide whether to access Boom Cards from or whether to use a Boom Cards app (download from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon). 
  • Older devices may need to use the browser ( to get access. Boom Cards require Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox to work. Internet Explorer is not supported.


  • If your teacher sent a FastPin, just enter it and click Play.
  • If your teacher told you to sign in to play the decks, your teacher will tell you which of these methods to use to sign in:
    • Scan the QR code provided by your teacher.
    • Click Sign In, then Sign in with Boom, and enter your username (this is not the same as your short name) and your password
    • Click Sign in with Google and enter your school Google account information
  • If you have forgotten your password or don't know your login, please contact your teacher. For Privacy reasons, Boom Learning is not authorized to disclose that information to you directly.