There are three parts to using Boom with Google Classroom.

  1. Create your Classroom rosters inside of Google Classroom (View Step One of this guide)
  2. Import the students by following the guide above
  3. Begin to Assign students activities (Also, view Step Three of the guide linked above)

STEP ONE - Import your Google Classroom in the Classes tab

Create a classroom in Boom by importing the students. We recommend doing this BEFORE asking students to sign in. We have a step by step walk through if you have never done this before.

Errors on the Google Classroom side require consulting Google's troubleshooting guides.

Troubleshooting Boom Error Messages

1. A student is missing from your Imported Google classroom roster. Probable cause: Student has not yet accepted the invitation to your Google Classroom. Any students that are listed as "invited" in your Google Classroom (not Boom) dashboard are not technically part of your google roster. 

Solution: The fix is to re-invite your students and make sure they accept the invitation.

2. Student tries to log in but the screen "freezes" or "does nothing" when Sign in with Google is clicked.

Solution: Turn off the pop-up blocker.

3. Student sees: "Please wait for your teacher to finish setup."

Solution: Re-import your Google classroom. You can do this as many times as necessary. It won't ruin anything.

4. Student does not see assignments. Probable cause: Student has created a teacher account. This can only happen if the student tries to log in BEFORE they have been imported into a classroom and indicates they are a "teacher" when creating an account. The students will see the teacher menu bar, which looks like this 

instead of the student menu bar which looks like this

Solution: The student must (when logged in) go to and click Delete account. You the teacher must then Reimport the Google classroom to add the student. 

STEP TWO - Assign decks to the created Boom Classroom

Assign decks to the Boom classroom or individual students: See Assign and Un-assign Boom Cards to Students. We recommend doing this BEFORE asking students to sign in. Direct students to to sign in. This is optimized for the student experience.

STEP THREE - Distribute assignments to the Google Classroom

Paste links into the Google Classroom. See Assigning Boom Cards in an LMS (Google Classroom, Schoology, SeeSaw, Canvas, Moodle, Powerschool, Class Dojo, Microsoft Teams and more).