Why Points?
It is all about tiny purchases. These cost a marketplace up to 10% just in payment processing fees. To stay in business, a marketplace has to forbid them, charge the excess to the buyer or seller, or use frictionless psuedocurrency. Points reduce friction on purchases, increasing your sales while keeping costs for all of us low. They also allow us (in future versions) to build rewards programs and to allow seller coupons.

What Points Mean for Sellers
You price your content as free or in points (premium products). Your price can be as low as 1 point. You should provide some free decks to demonstrate the quality of your premium products. When a buyer redeems points to purchase a premium product from wow.boomlearning.com/store, we credit the seller with the points less a service fee.

How Much is a Point Worth?
It depends. For sellers 1 point = 1 penny. Buyers pay a premium for points if they buy only a few or get a discount for buying in volume.