This article covers the guidelines regarding using Boom Learning's logos, badges, trademarks, and service marks (our Brand identifiers). If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact us at


Brands Versus Products

It can be challenging to understand the difference between a "Brand" identifier and a product. The team at Velcro has a great set of videos (not safe for school) that explain it well.

For example, the product identifier might be "digital teaching resources", "digital task cards", or whatever you made using our platform. It might also be our creating and assigning platform. The "brand" identifier is "Boom". 

These are the rules for using the Boom™ logos, badges, trademarks, and servicemarks (the "Marks"). The rules exist to avoid confusing customers about what they are buying.

The Word Marks

Our marks are words consistently used to identify Boom Learning (a dba of Omega Labs Inc.) as a unique source of a specific good. These marks are important business assets of Omega Labs Inc. dba Boom Learning Inc. If used improperly, they can cease to be exclusively identified with our company as the source of the specific educational products and services they modify. If you have any questions about the proper use of the marks, contact us at

The Rules for the Word Mark "Boom"

Our word mark is "Boom™. It is used in combination with the product description. For example Boom Cards for decks and Boom Learning for the platform.

You may use the word marks if you follow these instructions.

  1. Do not use "Boom" to refer to programs, products or services provided by another company. 
  2. The first time you use a mark in a document or material, include the product category and the ™ symbol.
    • For example Boom™ Cards or Boom™ Learning.
    • To get the ™ symbol, enter an html editor and type ™
  3. Always use our trademark disclaimer:  "Boom is the trademark of Boom Learning. Used with permission."
  4. Never change the spelling of the mark.
  5. Do not use the mark as a trade or company name.


Here are some examples of correct usage

  • Boom Cards to describe decks
  • Boom Store to describe the marketplace
  • Boom™ Learning to describe the platform

Logos and Badges

Our logos and badges are images that identify Boom Learning as the unique source of Boom Cards and Boom Learning. These images are important business assets of Boom Learning. If used improperly, they can cease to be exclusively identified with our company as the source of the specific educational products and services they modify. If you have any questions about the proper use of the images, contact us at Any logo not listed on this page is not available for your use and is reserved to Boom Learning. 

The Rules for the Logos and Badges

You may use the logos and badges if you follow these instructions.

  1. The area around the logos and badges must be uncluttered and unobstructed. You may not overlay them with other images or text.  
  2. They must always be used on a solid background. Do not place logos over a photograph or textured background. The background must be of sufficient contrast that the logo or badge is readable. 
  3. Logos and badges cannot dominate the graphics in your layout.
  4. Do not change the color or graphics. 
  5. Do not distort the badges. Maintain the original dimensions if you resize. 135 x 40 is the smallest allowable size for rectangle badges. The smallest allowable size is 70 x 70 pixels for square badges.
  6. You must strictly follow the specific instructions that apply to each logo or badge. 

Smart Media Award Winner badge

You may use the Smart Media Award Winner badge (attached at the bottom of this solution in a variety of formats) to describe Boom Learning. It may be used on your website, on advertising materials promoting Booms Cards or Boom Learning, and you may mention the award in your Boom Cards product materials and promotional materials. You must be clear that the award winner is Boom Learning. You may not suggest that you are a winner of the award.

To reference the Smart Media Award without displaying the logo, please specify that Boom Learning is an 

        Academics' Choice Awards™ award winner OR 

        Academics' Choice Awards™ Smart Media award winner

If you are using an older logo you have until June 30, 2022 to update the logo. After which your license to use the logo under the former terms expires.

You may use the Boom Cards original logo (attached at the bottom of this solution) on your Boom Cards products. It may be used on your cover images, thumbnails, descriptive materials, website, on advertising materials in connection with promoting or describing Booms Cards decks in general or Boom Cards decks created by you. "Boom Cards" means products created using Boom Learning and hosted by Boom Learning.  The Boom Cards logo looks best on a crisp white background online and on a black background in print. 

If you use the Boom Cards logo, the URL associated with it must point to a listing for one of your Boom Cards products, on any marketplace.

The Hosted on Badges

You may download and use the badges attached to this help file to signify a Boom Cards product you create is hosted at Boom Learning. The badges must be legible in all marketing communications. Only include one badge per message. 

Compatible With Usages (including Google Classroom)

You may describe Boom Cards as compatible with Google Classroom™ in one of these ways

•Assign Boom Cards decks with Google Classroom™

•Boom Cards decks are compatible with Google Classroom™

•compatible with Google Classroom™

•for use with Google Classroom™

You may use similar terms (substituting the product name) for other services that permit you to assign by URL such as Microsoft Teams, SeeSaw, PowerSchool, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more.

The key is to use the brand name as a noun and NOT as an adjective.

Okay: Assign Boom Cards decks with Google Classroom

Not Okay: Google Boom Cards

You can find the full Google Classroom brand guidelines here.

License Agreement

By using our marks, logos and badges (the "Marks") you are agreeing to the terms in this document. Failure to abide by these terms immediately terminates your rights to use the Marks. You are not required to use our Marks, but if you do use them you must follow these rules.

Subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions of this document, Omega Labs Inc. dba Boom Learning ("Boom Learning"), a Washington corporation, located in Kirkland WA, grants you a non-exclusive, personal and nontransferable license to use the Marks to identify and promote Boom Cards or Boom Learning. You agree to not use, register or attempt to register any company name, product name, domain name, user name, email address or URL incorporating any of the Marks or any combination of letters similar to any Mark.

You agree that you will not at any time do, or cause to be done, any act or thing which in any way suggest, directly or indirectly, that Boom Learning approves or sponsors you or your products or services or that you are, for any purpose, and agent of Boom Learning.

You agree to comply with these instructions and directs regarding the use, appearance and placement of the marks, including as they may be updated from time to time. You will not alter the nature or design of the Marks in any way and will not use the Marks in the creation of a composite mark unless prior consent is obtained from Boom Learning.

This license shall be in effect from your first use of a Mark until such time as (a) you terminate your rights by violating a term of this agreement or (b) Boom Learning informs that your right to use the Marks has been terminated. Upon termination, all rights granted will automatically terminate. Neither party will be liable to the other party for any termination of this license, including loss of goodwill, prospective profits or anticipated sales, or any expenditures, investments, or commitments made relating to this license.

The Marks are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other intellectual property laws and are owned exclusively by Boom Learning. Nothing in this license shall be construed or interpreted as granting you any rights of ownership in or any proprietary rights to the Marks. ALL RIGHTS NOT EXPRESSLY GRANTED HEREIN ARE RESERVED TO OMEGA LABS INC. The terms of this license are supplemented by and in addition to the Boom Learning Terms of Service.