ACCESS from the Library tab and the Reports tab

APPLICABLE TO Google Classroom, Schoology, SeeSaw, Canvas, Moodle, Powerschool, Class Dojo, Microsoft Teams, and more. 

Hyperplay Links work for students who login and for whom you collect student data. They do not work for students who do not have usernames and passwords. 

Find the deck in your Library and click the Action drop-down.

Select Hyperplay Link. 

Paste the link into your LMS according to its instructions for adding assignments by link. If you have trouble making the links work, please contact your IT team to make sure our pages are properly whitelisted for your LMS.

The created link will walk students through logging in and then immediately start deck play. Progress and performance will be logged for Hyperplay linked decks. 

To see results - go to Reports, select the classroom that has been playing the deck, the folder (if you use folders) and the deck title. This will display the student reports for the deck.


To assign Hyperplay links in SeeSaw, 

1. Go to My Library and select Create New Activity

2. Click Add Multimedia Instructions or Example

3. Click Link and paste the Fastplay or Hyperplay full URL

4. Finish assigning the activity


To assign Hyperplay links in SeeSaw, 

1. Go to Assignments

2. Select Create Assignment

3. Attach as a resource as Closs Notebook page or word doc into which you have pasted the Fastplay or Hyperplay full URL

5. Finish assigning the activity