Always test your links before posting your document. 

How to test your links:

  1. Open your document in a different browser where you are not logged into Boom Learning.
  2. Click the links - Do they take you to a Redeem page? If not, you don't have the link correct yet.
  3. Upload your document to where you plan to sell.
  4. Download it again.
  5. Click the links again to make sure the links were not garbled during upload.

Things that might break your links

If your document inserts a line break in the link, the link will not work.

Some users (especially Mac) will need additional tools to create a clickable redemption link in their document.

PowerPoint PC users can just use PowerPoint. Mac Users will need to use an additional option.

In Adobe Acrobat:

1. From the File menu choose Open 

2. From Open choose file type All Files (*.*) 

3. Select your PowerPoint file and click Open 

This will create a PDF file with all the links preserved.

For Keynote:

Open your PowerPoint deck in Keynote and then generate the PDF.

Wrong deck is offered for redemption

Be careful about saving over an older .pdf as you may accidentally save 2 links. Older browsers may deliver the older link when you'd expect them to send the new one.

To avoid this problem, create a template document with no links. Copy this template to create new product and add links to the copy. Do not create a new .pdf from a copy of a .pdf with links already included.

Deck no longer for sale: Adobe Pro on Mac users

Some Mac users have reported that Adobe Pro is changing links (it substitutes ?tpt with %3Ftpt). Please triple check links if you are using Adobe Pro. You may need to manually edit the link to override the substitution.