Updated March 5, 2024

Are you brand new to Boom? We may provide you with a one-time free trial of a subscription. The length of the free trial will depend on the offer you are being presented. You will be told the length of the trial when the trial is offered to you.

When the free trial ends you can 

  • have 1 Classroom in our Classes tab;
  • have up to 5 students in the Classroom (you'll need to delete extras);
  • assign all your Boom Cards to as many students as you wish using Fast Pins (accessed from the Library);
  • get live and stored performance reporting for up to 5 students;
  • test out making Boom Cards (up to 5).

Your options at the end of the free trial are to purchase a premium membership or downgrade to our free tier. Both options are available from the Membership page accessed from the "Settings" button in the top corner.

A subscription (free or paid) is required to access purchased Boom Cards. Any subscription tier can access and play Boom Cards using Fast Pins. Fast Pins do not record student progress, but they do provide instant feedback and self-grade if the deck is self-grading. Only paid memberships have access to live and stored Student Success Reports.

If you purchased Boom Cards at any place other than boomlearning.com, we do not have your payment information. We will not automatically charge you to renew if you arrive from off-site. We cannot refund purchases you made on other sites.