If you don't specify a BoomURL, your store url will show your ID NUMBER like this:


If you create a BoomURL, your store url will look more friendly like this:



Both links take you to the same place, but one is a little more readable. In the above example, I have set my BoomURL to "mrsoemig". Use your "BoomURL" to make your store URL appear more "friendly" to users.

IMPORTANT for selling on External Markets

1. If you want to sell on external markets, you MUST specify a BoomURL. It is not optional. 

2. Once you set your BoomURL, you should NOT change it unless you need to break all your old links. If you change your BoomURL after you have published links that use the BoomURL, those old links WILL BREAK. Setting a Boom URL for the first time will not break your links.

How to Set

Go to your Account Settings and find BoomURL. 

Enter just the short string you want. The Boom URL is lowercase letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores only. No spaces. Here is what my entry looks like.

This makes my author URL look like this: https://wow.boomlearning.com/author/testboom. DO NOT ENTER THE FULL URL - just the short bit to be added after author/.

Once entered, don't change it.