Did you buy your Boom Cards from someone else? Possibly from an author at Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), TES Global, or Mieux Enseigner? We allow Public Authors to list their Boom Cards for sale on other sites. 

Redeeming your purchase is usually straightforward.
First, open the file you "purchased/downloaded". Note, there may be more than 1 file included in your download.

Inside the file will be 1 or more links to the Boom Learning website. Hopefully, your Publisher was clear about which links to click. 

You need to click these special links because they have special codes in them. Clicking the link will take you to the Boom App and provide a welcome screen and a big red "redeem" button.

If you bought a "bundle" of products, look for the one-click redemption file (in bonus files for Teachers Pay Teachers). If your author did not provide one, please ask them to.

Clicking the special links will take you to the Boom App. You'll see a welcome screen and a big red "redeem" button, like this: 

If you have already walked through the redemption process, click Library. Your purchased decks should be there; please be sure to check the "Purchased Unfoldered" folder or use the search bar to look for a specific title.

Still stuck? Forward your purchased download and your proof of purchase to us via the Help Center and we'll help you out.