Did you buy your Boom Cards from someone else? Possibly from an author at Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), TES Global, or Mieux Enseigner? We allow Public Authors to list their Boom Cards for sale on other sites. 

How to Redeem

Redeeming your purchase is usually straightforward.
First, open the file you "purchased/downloaded". Note, there may be more than 1 file included in your download.

Inside the file will be 1 or more links to the Boom Learning website. Hopefully, your Publisher was clear about which links to click. 

You need to click these special links because they have special codes in them. Clicking the link will take you to the Boom App and provide a welcome screen and prompt you to either create a new account or sign in to your Boom account.

If you bought a "bundle" of products, look for the one-click redemption file (in bonus files for Teachers Pay Teachers). If your author did not provide one, please ask them to.

Clicking the special links will take you to the Boom App. You'll see a welcome screen and a prompt you to either create a new account or sign in to your Boom account.  

After you are signed into your Boom account you will be prompted to answer a question to redeem your purchase. You can answer right away and redeem your deck or you can redeem later.  

If you have already walked through the redemption process, click Library. Your purchased decks should be there; please be sure to check the "Purchased Unfoldered" folder or use the search bar to look for a specific title.

Still stuck? Forward your purchased download and your proof of purchase to us via the Help Center and we'll help you out. 

We Can Share Your Information with Publishers and External Marketplaces to Validate Your Purchase

As stated in the Terms of Service, if you purchase a Boom Card from an external marketplace, we do share your proof of purchase, name, and redemption date with the Publisher, and, if necessary, the external marketplace, for integrity and proof of purchase purposes. By redeeming an external purchase, you are consenting to us sharing your information with the Publisher and external marketplace. Information we can share can include all date information, your full name, address, and contact information, and and any other information we need to share to validate that your redemption is valid.

You must have a valid license to redeem. Redemptions that cannot be validated are subject to removal. We can demand proof of purchase at any time. If you fail to provide proof of purchase we can remove any and all decks for which you are unable to establish proof of purchase. 
You may only redeem the product once to a single account. You may not redeem the product to multiple accounts.