When you create a student, you provide their "friendly" name (a nickname, indicated below in red) and we generate a random Boom Username (a globally unique username in our system, indicated below in green). 

You can change a student's username whenever you want, however, Usernames must be globally unique in our system so it is recommended that you add a detail like a school abbreviation or teacher initials. For example: a student named "Billy" in teacher Miss Zara Smith's class might choose a username like "zs.billy".

To change the username, simply click on the username text and it will allow you to type over it with a new username. Press the enter key to confirm the change.

Note: if you have used login cards with QR codes, be aware that changing a student's username will cause the QR code to no longer work.

You can change the friendly name in the same way, by clicking on it and entering a new one. Students can also change their own friendly name, unless you have locked the classroom. You can also change your own friendly name by clicking on it under your Avatar.

If you want to change your username, you will need to click the Menu button in the top right corner and go to My Settings. Note that the classroom username is not your username. The classroom username and password (pictured below) is only used for Classroom Sign-in.