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Motivating Beginning Band members

Hello.  When we went remote I thought the boom cards would be a terrific way to motivate students to practice their instruments.  I also thought they were a fun way to practice reading pitches on the staff.  My students say they cannot practice their instruments at home for various reasons.  Again, I thought the boom cards would be great for those times.  

As it turns out, there are very few students who have actually used them.  I specifically took time out of lessons to  have students use their chromebooks and go to the website and practice.  I showed them step by step how to get there and what to do.  THen I gave differentiated lesson decks based on the instruments they play.   Last night the assignments were due.  they had 3 weeks and all they had to do was focus on one deck.  Less than a 3rd did the assignment. Those students are not the ones tellim me they can't practice.

In class they seemed excited by the boom cards. Outside of lessons and band I am getting very little effort.  What have you all tried?  Have the boom cards worked with your beginners? How did you present them?  What else do you use to motivate?


Cathie B

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