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Fill in the Blank (You have not found all the correct answers)

I have created a deck with cards using 'Fill in the blank.'

Students must answer a question, of which there are multiple correct answers. (See attached Answer Picker)

  • Yes, I've got a car.
  • I've got a car.
  • I have got a car.
  • Yes, I have got a car.

When a student inputs one of these, it should be considered correct, and the deck should advance. However students get the error message 'You have not found all the correct answers'. (See attached Error Message)

How can I update the settings of the card to accept one correct answer, and not need all of them,

Thank you,

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I am getting the same thing but when I go back to answer the question correctly, I get the same message one more time.  So frustrating.

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