How do you assign a deck to a classroom or individual student using Fast Play, Pin, or Hyperplay Link?

After hours and hours of hard work, you have finally created an amazing deck for your students in the Deck Editor. Now it is time to publish it so you can assign it to your students! 

Private decks are not available in the Store or for discovery by other users unless it is part of a bundle. Private Publishing is useful for content you want to include in a "Bundle" in the Store, but do not want to be discoverable as an individual item.

To start, navigate to your Studio click "Decks" and find the deck you want to privately publish.

When you click the drop down Actions menu you will see a number of options. Click "Private." The options will change to look like this:

The briefcase icon indicates that the deck is published and ready to be assigned. The deck will now appear in your Library within the "Self Published" folder. Find your chosen deck within the folder. 

From there, you can assign the deck in the same way you would assign any other. You can:

  • Assign the deck to a classroom
  • Assigning the deck to an individual student
  • Assign the deck using a Fast Play Link or Pin
  • Assign the deck using a Hyperplay Link

To learn more about assigning decks to your students, visit this article:

Assigning, Un-assigning, and Playing Boom Cards