Here are some things to consider when setting your prices:

  • Decks cannot be downloaded. They live only in the Boom Learning ecosystem.
  • An active subscription and a device are required to use the content.
  • The Boom Team's value added features (interactivity, automatic grading, student reporting and so on) are captured in the access fee portion of a membership subscription. 
  • Content can be more visually appealing than printables, which may weigh against discounting relevant to printables.
  • Content may be more or less sophisticated than a printable, depending on the product you are porting.
  • If you are repurposing content, you may want to start with lower prices or run targeted sales to encourage existing customer to try products they already know in a digital version and price new content higher to reflect that users have not already purchased it.
  • There is no printing and laminating, saving teachers time and money.

  • Although we don't require you to have a free decks, and all decks have an interactive preview for the first four cards, we do recommend having a free deck to create loyalty and interest in your products.