We gamify the student learning experience to encourage mastery, struggle and repetition. 

Our video on Reports walks through the student view: https://youtu.be/ekBcPIdcvFo?t=230

Light red and light green show progress through the total number of cards in the deck. Students can tell they have played every card when the circle changes from red to green.

The gems circle shows how many total cards need to be mastered. Students earn Gems for mastering content. A gem is earned when a student correctly answers a question with no wrong answers attempted. If they answered incorrectly on a previous try, they can still get earn the gem for a card by getting it right on a subsequent play. When the number of gems earned matches the number of cards, a student has mastered the content for the deck. Dark red and dark green show the progress towards mastery. Students can tell they have mastered the material when the light green circle has completely changed to dark green. The number in the center is the number of cards mastered.
We don't display to the student how many times they have played, but that information is available in the teacher report interface. 


Coins are rewards for persistence and struggle. More coins are awarded for harder questions. Students get bonus coins by logging in frequently and for extra lives left at the end of the deck. For example, more points are given for a multiple choice with more options than one with fewer. Fill in the blank is worth more than multiple choice.


Pulses (the lightning bolt) rewards "over-learning" behaviors (the concept that learning past mastery leads to automaticity). A pulse is earned each time a question is answered correctly, even if it has been answered correctly before. 

What can students do with their Coins?

Coins can be "spent" by the student to buy new Avatars. Have your student click their avatar picture and follow the instructions there. They can choose from the "free" avatars, or the expansion pack. 

Gems and Pulses are rewards to be collected. They are not currency to spend.