You can make anything an answer. We have premade answer blocks for multiple choice, multiple picture, and fill in the blank. You can customize each of these (see the tutorial videos on deck editing or the Demo Deck by Mr. Eric). You can make multiple choice and multiple picture multi-response. Through advanced use of the text box element you can turn any portion of an Powerpoint page into an answer (see the tutorial on importing Powerpoint). Fill in the blank answers can be auto-graded or left open-ended. For open ended items you can make comments, which the students will receive.

You can have “lesson cards”, which do not have questions. You can use these to teach your students or give them material for study. For obvious reasons, it is recommended that you don't randomize your cards in any deck with lesson cards in it. You turn off randomize cards in the Details menu.

You can only have one template card per deck (it's elements auto fill to all cards). If you are going to have mixed modes, we recommend you create a card for each mode and then Duplicate those cards to create additional cards in the same mode.