Get Your Ultimate Account

Sign up for an Ultimate membership to sell. You may need to upgrade or renew. To do so, just go to the My Settings page and choose the Membership tab.

If your membership has expired, your content will not appear in the store until you renew. Once you do renew, you will not need to re-make or re-list it in any way. It will appear again normally.

Become a Power Creator

Spend some time at our Youtube channel and in our Facebook Creator support group to become a supercharged creator.

Publish Your Deck to the Store 

After you've created your deck, you'll need to publish it to the Store. 

Enter the Deck Editor from the Studio. Select the deck you want to publish and open it for editing. Now select the Details button from the top menu bar. 

You use the Details menu to set up all the selling details, such as price, grade level, and acknowledgments (you know credits for your image and font providers). Once you have entered all this information, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Publish to Store. 

  Selling Fonts or Images

If you are trying to list assets, such as images or fonts, go to Edit Details inside the Font or Image manager.

Fill out the details and click Publish to Store. You may only list for sale assets for which you are the copyright owner or for which you have a license to resell the font or image (whether free or for a fee).

If you do not own the copyrights or otherwise have a legal right to list the content, you should not be listing that piece of content in the store. Any content found to be infringing copyright will be removed from the store, and everyone who bought it will be refunded at your expense. If you need to object to a piece of content as infringing your rights, please use the process for making a Notice of Infringing Content.