Are you interested in publishing and selling your own Boom Cards, images, or fonts in the Boom Store? This article will help you get started! 


Helpful Terminology to Know

Let's Learn some Boom Author VocabularyYou can click on each term below to view related articles:

  • Author Name, Pen Name, or Store Name:  A unique, customizable name that serves as your "brand" on the Store when you publish a self-made deck.  It is different than your Teacher Nickname that appears to your students.
  • Boom URL:   A customizable, more readable link to your Boom store.  
  • Ratings:  Public reviews of products in the store, based on a 5-star system with the ability to add comments. 
  • Seller Account: A feature unique to our Publisher membership that allows you to publish self-made decks to the Store and earn money for your creations! 

For a full list of definitions and commonly used terms see: Boom Learning Terminology.

Set up Your Boom Account for Selling

You'll need to:

  • Upgrade your account to the Publisher membership level
  • Confirm your PayPal account
  • Choose your Pen Name.

Get your Publisher Account

To upgrade or renew your membership, visit the Membership tab of your account settings by clicking the Settings button in the top-right corner, followed by the Membership option.

If your membership has expired, your content will not appear in the store until you renew. Once you do renew, you will not need to re-make or re-list it in any way. It will appear again normally.

Add & Confirm your PayPal Account

Currently, all payouts are issued via PayPal on a monthly basis. You can add your PayPal in your settings. For detailed instructions see: Setting up your Account to Receive Payouts. 

Choose your Author Name and URL

We call your Store or Author name your "Pen Name." It appears in the Store when you publish a deck as your Store Name. It is your "brand" at Boom Learning. This is different from your Teacher Name, which is what is displayed to students.

The Studio tab shows your store settings.

To upload an author picture, click on the circle at the top of the page (the default image will show a silhouette). You can select a previously uploaded image or use a new image by clicking the Upload button. Adjust the image as desired and then click Save. It may take a second to upload and apply the changes.

Click on the bold text below your author image to edit your Pen Name. Choose your name carefully-- once you publish a product for sale in your store, there is a fee associated with changing your Pen Name. Details here: Pen Names: Author Name, Store Name, Brand.

To finish setting up your store, take a look at our FAQ on how to Set Your Boom URL and check out the FAQ on Common Pitfalls - Creating Clickable Links in External Documents for help sharing links to your store. 

Become a Power Creator: Steps to Success

Haven't started making your own decks of Boom Cards yet? Check out our Quick Start Guide for Boom Card Creators. Already creating your own decks, but want to step it up? Below are some resources to get you started!

Spend some time at our Vimeo, our FAQ Library, and check out our guidelines for producing quality decks in our FAQ Acceptable Use Policy for Public Authors (Publish to the Store).

If you get stuck during creation, you can ask your fellow authors in our Facebook Creator support group. Also, you can always email or submit a ticket using the "help" button inside Boom. Make sure to send a link to the deck from your editor so we can help you with your specific question.

Not sure where you can find images, fonts, and voice overs to use in your Boom Decks?  You can use this list to find creators who allow their content to be used: Font, Clip Art, & Voice Over Artists Permissions List, and you can find Licensing Links here for other resources.

Decide on a Price

Once you have created your first deck you will need to decide on how to price it. For help determining pricing, take a look at our FAQ: What to Consider When Setting Your Prices. You can also offer a deck for free or reduce the price for a sale; you'll find additional information on that process in our FAQ: Offer a Sale or List an Item for Free.

Keep to going to the next section to see where you enter your price.

Publish Your Deck to the Store 

After you've created your deck, you'll need to publish it to the Store. 

Enter the Deck Editor from the Studio. Select the deck you want to publish and open it for editing. Then, select the Details button from the top menu bar.

Here you can set up all the selling details, such as price, grade level, and acknowledgments (such as credits for your image and font providers). For more information on giving credit where it is due, take a look at our article on Acknowledging Artists and Font Authors

To learn more about keywords, grade levels, descriptions, and subjects to help people find your deck in the store see: Optimizing Product Discoverability.

Once you have entered all this information, scroll to the bottom of the window and click Publish to Store. Your deck will now appear in the store!

If you'd like to offer it in another market place as well, read through our FAQ: Selling on Other Marketplaces (such as TpT) or Your Own Website

Selling Fonts, Clipart, Images, or Printables

If you are trying to list assets, such as images, fonts, or Printables go to Edit Details inside the Image, Fonts, or Printables Manager.

Fill out the details and click Publish to Store. You may only list for sale assets for which you are the copyright owner or for which you have a license to resell the font, image, or file (whether free or for a fee).

If you do not own the copyrights or otherwise have a legal right to list the content, you should not be listing that piece of content in the store. 

Any content found to be infringing copyright will be removed from the store, and everyone who bought it will be refunded at your expense. If you need to object to a piece of content as infringing your rights, please use the process for making a Notice of Infringing Content.

This is a brief overview. For a more in-depth look at how Boom Learning handles these types of resources please read: What Font and Image Authors need to know about Boom Learning. 

Creating Bundles 

As you create more materials, you may find that some of them are on related topics or that you'd like to create a series covering one large topic in bite sized piece. Once you have more than a couple related decks, you can Bundle them together to offer buyers a chance to purchase the full set in one fell swoop. 

Tip: You can bundle a Printable with a deck to serve as an answer key for the teacher. 

See our FAQ on How to Create a Bundle for steps. 

Bundling your decks does not remove the individual decks from your store, so buyers can either purchase the decks one at a time or purchase the bundle. 

Any buyer who has already purchased some of the decks in a bundle, can purchase the bundle to complete their collection. They will not be charged for decks they already own from that bundled set, nor will they find duplicates of any of those decks in their library. 

Note that this may look odd in your sales numbers - as the price will automatically be reduced for buyers completing their collection. For instance, if they have paid for some of the decks in a bundle, they will only pay the difference between what they have paid and the total for the bundle. If the price for your bundle is less than the total they've already spent on decks contained within that bundle, buyers will receive the bundle (and any decks in it that they do not already have) for free. 

Consider your pricing carefully for bundles, and update the price accordingly any time you add decks to your bundle. 

Congratulations, you are now a Boom Author!

Customize Your Store

You can highlight your best work within your own store by adding decks to your Featured tab. 

From the Studio tab, click the blue "Go to My Store" button between your name and your Publisher Information.

Then, click the green "Customize My Store" button near the top right to enable customization of your store.

Hover your mouse cursor over the deck you'd like to feature. Click and hold the left mouse button and then drag the deck to the Featured tab. A green confirmation message will display when the deck is successfully featured. 

To remove a deck from your featured products, click on your Featured tab. Locate the deck and click the red "Unfeature" button on it. 

When you're done, click the "Stop Customizing" button to return to your default store view.

Learn more in our FAQ Customize Your Storefront.

Additional Resources

Here are some more resources to check out for ways you can expand and manage your new business.

General Info

Look through our FAQ Library for Selling Boom Cards for additional information, you'll find articles covering steps such as: how to Turn off Publisher Notifications and more.

You can also refer back to our Quick Start Guide for Boom Card Creators to find resources and tips on creating quality decks. 

Post questions to the community on our Facebook groups (Boom Publishers and Creating Boom Cards), or reach out to us through the Help Center at any time. 


Once your sales start coming in, take a look at the following articles for help understanding your sales reports and taxes:

Note:  Boom Learning is a retailer, not a marketplace provider. This means that Boom Learning is responsible for collecting sales tax on the sale of points as required by applicable law. You are a supplier, specifically a wholesaler, in our relationship. Therefore you can think of yourself as a creator or author of book cards which you then sell to us directly and we resell to the educators who go on to use your decks.

A 1099 will be sent to you from PayPal unless you were paid by check. See PayPal's FAQ on How to Find and Print a 1099-K tax form.

Want your store, deck, or bundle featured? 

Once your store is up and running, and you've filled your digital shelves (by offering at least 20 decks), you can fill out our Featured Submission Form to be considered for featuring on the Boom Store page. 

When choosing which stores to feature, we look at the quality of the store and the decks. This includes your logo or author image and everything from the cover image on your deck and design of the cards to its content and accuracy. 

We also strive to offer a variety of grade levels and subjects each week, and will not feature an author or their work more than twice in a given year. Similarly, we look for seasonally relevant decks and bundles. Offering new and relevant decks regularly will not only catch our eye; it will help your store get noticed by teachers searching for timely decks. 

For tips on what's in demand or to connect with other authors, join our Facebook group for Boom Publishers, and for community support creating decks, check out our Facebook group for Creating Boom Cards.

Join us for a Live webinar to learn how to use your Boom Learning account for live help from a Customer Success Specialist!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!