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This FAQ applies to all purchases by schools, therapy practices, hospitals, and clinics ("organizations").

Note: Individual subscriptions are not available for group purchase and must be bought by the individual teacher. To purchase these accounts for teachers, please follow this step-by-step guide from our help center: Buying Subscriptions or Points for Others.

We offer organizations our BoomPlus product, which includes:

  • 17 flexible groupings/classrooms per teacher account
  • The ability to create unlimited self-made decks with animated Gifs and sound. 
  • In-depth student reports with Live Monitoring.
  • The ability to easily share self-made decks using the private School Store feature. 
  • The ability to share students with the Colleagues tool or via integration with a compatible LMS.
  • A variety of SSO options, including ClassLink, Clever, Google, Microsoft, and Canvas.

Organizations also have a School Dashboard that allows admins to:

  • Invite or create teacher accounts.
  • Distribute or reclaim subscriptions and/or Curriculum Points.
  • Monitor teacher and student usage.
  • Reassign accounts, including previously purchased content, to new users.

Boom Cards and other premium content is accessed using Curriculum Points, which are purchased separately from your BoomPlus Subscription.

  • Curriculum Points are redeemed in the store for premium Boom Cards, images, fonts, and Printables.
  • Content is added to a teacher’s library and does not expire, allowing users to build a resource library over time.
  • Unused Points do not expire and can be reclaimed and redistributed to other users via the School Dashboard
  • Unused Points balances automatically roll over from year to year.
  • You can include points in your quote in the Curriculum Licenses section of the Estimate Builder.

Step One — Request an Estimate

To request an estimate or quotation, connect with a sales agent by emailing sales@boomlearning.com or by using our handy Estimate Builder. Organizational orders require a minimum of $150 purchase.

Don't worry if you don't aren't sure what you need. An agent reviews every quote and will reach out to you to confirm your request and help you find the right package. You should hear from an agent within 2 business days of requesting a quote.

Once a quote has been reviewed by your agent, they will approve it and you will receive an email with instructions and a link to view/print your estimate. Save this link! You will return to it to upload your purchase order (PO). It can also be used to pay with a payment card.

Your estimate will include applicable sales tax unless you provide a basis for tax exemption. If your state requires a certificate, you must provide one for the sale to have tax exempted from the invoice. By default, estimates are valid for 60 days. If you need more time, please contact your agent. 

Step Two - Legal Agreements

There are two main categories of agreements: Privacy Agreements and Terms of Purchase/Service. We must have certain privacy terms and licensing terms in our agreements with you. We specifically reject all purchase order terms and conditions that override our privacy agreement or terms of service without substituting an acceptable alternative. Questions regarding specific terms or language in our agreements should be directed to legal@boomlearning.com. You have the following options for agreements.

Accepting Our Terms

You can annotate your purchase order to state: "The Boom Learning Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply and preempt any conflicting Purchase Order terms and conditions."

Alternative Privacy Agreements

Our Privacy Notice is written to meet the needs of schools. You can send us a substitute privacy agreement, including 

  • Sending an Exhibit E for a relevant state agreement for members of the Student Data Privacy Consortium.
  • Accepting our signatory status to the Connecticut Student Privacy Pledge via Learn Platform.
  • Using our New York Section 2-d agreement based on the state model agreement.

If you need a Business Associates Agreement contact legal@boomlearning.com.

Alternative Terms and Conditions.

A. You can sign on to an existing active cooperative agreement we have. Our agreements may be under Boom Learning or Omega Labs Inc. They include:

  • TIPS Texas
  • Harris County Choice Partners
  • ALLIED STATES Cooperative - Region 19
  • Central Texas Purchasing Alliance (Conroe ISD)

B. You can modify elements of our Terms of Service using one of these templates:

C. You can send your own agreement to legal@boomlearning.com. Please see Common Modified Terms for terms we will ask you to modify. Including these modifications will reduce processing time for your request. If you need us to prepare a Schedule of Exceptions to modify your agreement, please state that when you send the documents.

Step Three - Other Documents 

Additional documents and vendor forms should be sent to sales@boomlearning.comYou can download our W-9 and sole source letter below.

Step Three - Purchase Order or Payment 

All purchase orders and payments should be marked with your estimate number.

You can submit your purchase order using the estimate link. Choose “Pay with Purchase Order”. Upload a PDF or picture of your purchase order and fill out the required information. Click “Submit Purchase Order” to complete the upload. 


You can also email the purchase order to sales@boomlearning.com or reply to the ticket your agent opened for you. We understand some schools require a fax number to complete a PO. You may use this number (425) 405-6436.


Your purchase order must be signed for us to accept it, though electronic signatures are acceptable. If we do not have an alternative agreement in place, and your purchase order has terms and conditions, you must complete Step Two before we can complete your order.


Within 1-3 business days of receiving the binding purchase order, we will fulfill your order and issue the invoice.  

Pay by Credit or Debit Card 


You can submit your credit or debit payment using the estimate link. Open your estimate, choose “Pay Now” and follow the prompts. Once you have paid, you will receive an email receipt and the estimate will immediately convert to a paid invoice. It is not possible to convert an estimate to an invoice before payment or receiving a purchase order. If your school requires an invoice document before they will authorize a credit/debit payment, please contact your agent or email sales@boomlearning.com. 



Your invoice will be sent electronically via link to the email address or addresses specified or to the estimate contact if no other email is specified. If your organization requires your invoices to be physically mailed, please let your sales agent know or include that information on your purchase order. Invoices will be sent from Boom Learning, (833) 969-2666, 9805 NE 116th STE #7198, Kirkland WA 98034. If your school requires a vendor to sign a voucher to receive, please submit the voucher electronically to your agent or to sale@boomlearning.com and we will return it with an electronic signature.


State Specific Information