Centering in the drop zone isn't working.

If your drop zones or draggables are in a container, we do not currently support snap to center for items in containers. The checkbox is present so that when we add the feature it will work without requiring author changes.

My drag and drop cards won't register an answer.

Check your Drag/Drop Options. A Drop Zone may be expecting to receive a Draggable item that you deleted.

1. Are all Draggable items marked draggable?

2. Are all Drop Zones marked as Drop Zones?

3. Click on your Drop Zones 1 by 1. If there are more Draggable item ids than you are expecting, clear the extra items by clicking the 

to clear the data. The click the Drop Zone button again and rewire the Draggable items to the Drop Zone. 

My drag and drop cards won't accept the correct answer. I even get a green circle when I submit it, but it still says "Incorrect answer".

This is caused by having some element on the being card marked "Correct". Drag and drop does not require anything to be marked correct. Here is an example card where I marked the answer box "Correct".

Here is what happens when you play this card:

Boom notes that I drug the answer correctly (green circle), but can't mark the card as correct because the answer box was marked as "Correct" and so there is confusion in the system about how to resolve this. 

The fix is very simple. Go to the card and check each element and make sure they are NOT marked "Correct". 

On a drag and drop card, NONE of the elements should be marked correct. In the case of the card above, I had marked the outline around the pictures "Correct". I selected the outline and toggled "Correct" OFF and the card now works as intended.

In case Drag-Able objects cannot be re-sized or have missing borders for re-sizing and moving:

It is possible that the image has "transparent" pixels in it, or is far larger than it appears. One way to correct this may be to remove the image's background. To do this, follow these steps below.

1) Go to your studio

2) Click on images

3) Click on the image that is causing the border to be too large

4) Once the image is highlighted, click edit image in the gray toolbar above the image list

5) Once editing the image, click the remove background button below the image

If this does not correct the image, you may need to crop the image, or use one that has a smaller resolution.

Drop Zone Logic, Multiple Correct Answers, Requiring Certain Number of Answers

You can configure a Drop Zone to require specific types of answers. Remember that Drop Zones consider any dragable element which has its wire linked to it a valid answer, but does not require, by default, all answers.

You can change the logic by selecting the Drop Zone (notice that in the multiple-pick container, I have selected the square with the planet Earth picture in it), and in the menu on the right, you will see a paperclip icon and the type of logic required, as well as below it a list of attached valid answers. I have made both small pictures of Earth a valid answer, but I have set the drop zone to require all valid answers.

There are other forms of logic that you can set Drop Zone requirements to:

This one will give the student a correct answer if at least one of the correct answers is in the drop zone.

And this option will only give the student a correct answer if exactly one is in the drop zone. You will be able to cycle through however many valid answers there are to require the student to place the correct number of dragable elements into the Drop Zone you have wired them to.