In the Studio you have a Sales dashboard and a Transactions dashboard. This is helpful for preparing your tax returns. You can copy and past these results into a spreadsheet.

Use My Settings to find your payments to us (expenses) for the year.

For information about Pay Schedule and Fees Click Here

Sales Dashboard

Use your Sales Dashboard to see your payments and earnings. 

PAYMENTS are sorted by date of payment and subtotaled by year. 

These can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. Below is sample data. This is most useful for cash accounting to pass on to your accountant as your Boom Learning income number.

If you also do external sales, your situation is more complex. Copy the data in the appropriate taxable year range and paste into a spreadsheet. 

  1. Filter on "external sales" in the Memo field and report the results to your accountant as an expense line item. 
  2. Filter on "Boom sales" and report the results to your accountant as your income line item. This will be different than your PAYMENTS summary. 

Ignore Admin Credits and Payments (these are used to record payments we receive from you or that we issue to you).

Transactions Dashboard

Use your Transactions dashboard to see

  • All Boom Learning sales
  • All external market redemptions (we only have the capacity to track redemptions, not sales. For more information about External Sales Click Here) and
  • The Boom Learning value of the sold or redeemed item

Entries are organized by year and month. You can copy and paste the Transactions tables into Excel to prepare tax returns and custom sales reports.

The first six letters of the userid of the purchaser/redeemer are also provided. You can ask users to provide you the first 6 digits of their userid as validation for a sale or redemption if you are providing customer service or are making a special offer. For privacy reasons, we only provide you with the name of a purchaser or redeemer (and then the least necessary) if investigating the possibility of fraud.  

Sales Tax

In states where it has been determined that Boom Cards are taxable sales, we automatically collect and remit sales tax. For more information about how we collect sales tax see: Sales and Use Tax

Tennessee sellers our Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Resale is available for you upon request.