There are just a few things you must have for Boom Cards to play properly:        

  • Broadband internet connection. 
  • A device with a currently supported operating system. For safety and security reasons we do not support use of Boom Cards on operating systems that have reached end of life as defined by their manufacturer.


  • A browser that runs HTML5 such as Firefox, Chromium Edge (Jan 15, 2020 or later), Safari, or Chrome on a Chromebook, netbook, laptop or desktop. Silk on the Kindle, Safari on the iPad, or Chrome on a Chromebook or Android tablet OR
  • One of our free apps available from the App Store, Google Play or Kindle Fire App and a compatible device (see the respective stores for details).

Allow List for Managed Devices and Networks 

If your school or organization's networks filters to only allow specified domains, please contact your IT department to allow the following (these also need to be allowed inside your school's LMS system being used for assignments and for browsers):

  • Cookies served by in your browser cookie settings.
  • Authentication for Google and Microsoft users
  • Access to our Boom Learning apps if you are using those

Your IT department may also need to allow the following domains:

Some users have had issues with Avast (or AVG, a subsidiary of Avast) Security flagging as a phishing URL. That URL is not a phish. That is the URL we use to fetch resources for our product. We are the ones that made the deliberate request to load the resource on the users behalf.

For email networks that require an IP address, please allow this IP:

Compatible devices:

iPad or iPhone — OS 10 or later. We no longer support iOS 9 and earlier, and 10 will be phasing out in the summer of 2021.

Kindle Fire — the app works with devices manufactured in 2014 and later. Use the Silk browser if an older Kindle Fire.

Chromebooks with App and Android Tablets — minimum version 5.1 (Lollipop) 

Interactive Whiteboards

Our users have had success with Boom Cards on:

  • GetClearTouch panels
  • SMARTBoards
  • ActivPanel

...and more. So long as the interactive whiteboard can interact with HTML5 browser apps, Boom Cards should work.

Teletherapy platforms

Our users who provide remote services have had success with

  • Zoom
  • Adobe Connect 
  • WebEx

Creating Boom Cards

You can only create Boom Cards in a browser, not an app. We find laptops or desktops are best for creating Boom Cards.