A free (Starter) account is required to access purchased Boom Cards. Any account (free or paid) can access and play Boom Cards using Fast Pins. Unlimited Fast Pins are only available in Premium accounts. Fast Pins do not record student progress, but they do provide instant feedback and self-grade if the deck is self-grading.

Only paid memberships have access to live and stored student success reports. If you were getting those for free for a period of time, it is because we offered you a special promotion. You should have received an email explaining the promotion.

Your options at the end of the special promotion are to purchase a premium membership or downgrade.

What should have happened when you bought your Boom Cards from a site that is not Boom Learning:

  1. Your seller had a product listing.
  2. Your seller explained how to redeem the product on the Boom Learning site.
  3. The product listing MAY have a disclosure for a Boom Learning special promotion for NEW users.
  4. You read about the special promotion and thought "awesome!"

What sometimes happens:

  1. You skimmed over or didn't notice the special promotion. So you didn't know how awesome it was.
  2. Your seller left out the words about the special promotion. [YIPES: This is a big deal. Tell us right away so we can make sure they fix it!]