Classroom Set Up from Boom Learning on Vimeo.


You can upload a picture you would like your students to see to represent you as their teacher. It does not need to be a real picture. Click the picture at top of the page to bring up the image picker. 

Note to Mac users - Apple is notorious for "correcting the rotation" of head shots. You may not realize you had a rotated image until you try to upload it. If that happens, go to Studio, Image Library, upload your head shot there. Select the head shot and then Edit Image. Correct the rotation and close. Then come back to classes to add your image.


Click on your teacher nickname under your avatar to change it. This is the name that will be displayed to teachers when looking for your classrooms. 


If you click the Teacher Info button you can update details about yourself:

  • Add or change your username. You need a username for a colleague to Share a deck they made with you. 
  • Add or change your email address. 
  • Update your password.
  • Tell us your school information (this helps us process school purchase orders).
  • Request email address confirmation messages. Confirmed email addresses are required to add students. If you can't get a confirmation email, make sure your email does not have any typos in it and add to your allowed email sender list.
  • Connect or disconnect Facebook and/or Google authentication for your account (this will prevent you from accidentally creating extra accounts).
  • See your current Membership information and available points. 
  • Get your referral link to share with friends.

Your UserID is something we use for internal support purposes. We attach it to emails you sent to us from the Help Center so we can find your account faster. We may include it in emails we send to you. You can't change it, as it is linked to data stored for your account. Sometimes you may need to enter it to validate eligibility for a special offer.