When making a deck of Boom Cards, you don't always want a student to just go to the next card after clicking an answer. If you need a more complex structure to your deck, you can create decks that use conditional logic, also known as Flow Magic. 

Some of the things you can make with Flow Magic include a clickable table of contents, an interactive story, or an automatic review when a student answers incorrectly.

To turn on Flow Magic in your deck, 

Go to your Deck details. 

Go to your Play tab and click the Flow Magic option. 

You can use any item in your card including but not limited to an image, button, or text to link a card to another. Linking cards together can be done by clicking the "Link To" button below the Answer options, shown below.  

 Clicking the "Link to" button will pull up a modal that will direct you to choose what you would like the link to do. You can either link to a card of your choice by clicking a card on the left side list, pointed to by the Large red arrow that appears, or you can use the buttons provided in the modal shown below. 

This modal allows you to easily choose to link that item to the previous card, the next card or choose to terminate play for the student. 

Conditional Links

You can also increase your student's interaction by using Conditional links. Conditional links can allow you to change the card the student is directed to depending on their answer. 

To choose the card the conditional link directs the student to, click directly on Link if Wrong. 

You'll find a more thorough explanation of Flow Magic in our video, Creating Flow Magic Boom Cards decks, below. You can give it a try yourself by playing with our sample deck here. For more advanced uses of Flow Magic, check out our video Flow Magic: Conditional Branching in Boom Cards.

Flow Magic and Conditional Logic from Boom Learning on Vimeo.

Note: Custom play settings, including Hiding Cards, do not work on decks that use Flow Magi