In the Membership tab of Settings, you can find the record of all your Payment Transactions (items purchased with dollars) and the record of Points you have spent in the Boom Store. You can view or print this page, and it can be used as an invoice or receipt record when requesting reimbursement or for tax purposes. 

If an item is missing from the Points transactions, it may be stuck in your shopping cart and you need to go back and complete checkout.

To find your payment records, you can either click the link above or navigate to your account settings.

While logged in, click the Menu button in the top right corner of the screen and then select "My Settings" from the menu.

Once you enter your settings screen, you will see a new menu below the main blue navigation bar. Select "Membership." You will see your membership information and your points as well as your history of transactions. 

Pressing the View Statement button will pull up a formal document containing your payment transactions and the points you have spent in the marketplace. From this screen, you will see a Print Statement button. Instead of choosing a printer, you can also save this document as a PDF.

If you are a teacher who needs to submit a record of your purchases to your school, this is the best way to print that information.

If you are unable to find a record of a purchase you are "positive" you made, it is possible you made that purchase in a different account. You can email us to help you find it. If you include the email copy of your receipt, that will help us track down the other account associated with a different email address.

We do not have access to transaction records for purchases made in other marketplaces, such as Please contact them directly with purchase inquires.

If your name does not appear on your statement, navigate to the "Address" section of your settings and add your name to the name field.