Boom Cards licenses are per account. Sales to individuals are licensed to one person. Sales to schools and businesses (organizational accounts) are licensed as a set of accounts.

Here is what you need to know for organizational sales:

1. The organization receives a bucket of accounts.

2. Accounts may be transferred from one organizational user to another. Transfers may happen for parental leave, employment termination, or grade reassignment.

3. Points may be purchased in bulk (at a discount) and transferred between users.

4. Items redeemed by points stay in the account to which they were redeemed. They may not be added to a second account (additional points must be used).

5. Organizations are allowed to gift accounts to departing staff.

Creators of decks earn the same money as for individual user sales because organizations are required to have one account per staff member. Licenses are paid directly to Boom, we add a bucket of points, and then teachers spend those points as they see fit, resulting in seller account credits.