If you or your students are experiencing issues with images not showing up while playing decks or navigating our website, this article will walk you through the most common causes and how to troubleshoot them. To ensure that Boom Learning is supported by your current device and browser, please refer to our guide Technical Specifications — What You Need To Make Boom Cards Work.


Something in your network may be blocking our server.

To test if you can see our images, please go to https://wow.boomlearning.com/help. Scroll down just past the Support Ticket form. You will see a paragraph titled "Can you see this image?" followed by the Boom Learning logo. Here is a screenshot:

You can also click on this link to see if it opens a new webpage containing just the Boom Learning logo: https://boom-cards.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/imgsrc/images/p9pcLXJm27aNCCH6y-boom-learning-icon1.png

It is possible that your organization's IT department will need to manually allow the domains associated with Boom Learning in order to make sure your account works properly. If you are having a continuous issue with images not showing up, please reach out to your IT department and request that they allow the following domains:

You may have a security setting in your browser preventing images from loading.

Most browsers have settings that let you choose to allow or block images from specific websites. For example, you can change site permissions in the Chrome browser by following the steps in this help article from Google: Google Chrome Help: Change Site Permissions.

You may need to disable your ad blocker for our website.

If you have ad-blocking software installed on your device, it is recommended that you disable it for our website as it may block images from loading. Boom will never display ads or pop-ups to you or your students. If you experience an ad while using the Boom Learning website, it is possible that your device has been affected by malware-- please contact your IT department immediately or run a malware scan with your antivirus software.

I've tried all of this, but I'm still having issues!

No worries! If you are still experiencing issues with our website even after taking the steps in this guide, please contact us through the Help Center or email us directly at help@boomlearning.com. You can also schedule a call for us to reach out to you via telephone.