Some users need to have private rosters for FERPA or HIPAA* compliance reasons.

Students do not have access to each other's progress data. Only teacher accounts can see all student data.

The default does allow students with usernames to see the directory for a Classroom. Should you choose to assign decks, you will need to take extra steps to avoid disclosing that a student is under treatment with you or to avoid displaying a directory listing for a student who has opted out. 

When a New Classroom is created, its roster is "Not Private" and all students in the Classroom can see the full roster when they Sign out. 

To change this default, click "Not Private" and change the Classroom to "Private". When a classroom is marked Private, when a student logs out, they will not see the classroom list. We do not provide a classroom URL for private classrooms. 

You should NEVER distribute the classroom username or password for a Private classroom as anyone logging in with that information can see the full roster.

You will need to create student accounts for a private classroom and hand out username/passwords. An additional privacy hygiene step you should take is to individualize passwords (Print Roster/QR will do this for you). 

*Boom Learning does not certify HIPAA compliance and does not offer Business Associate Agreements at this time.


We recommend that intervention specialists who plan to use Boom Learning watch this video on therapy best practices. The methods described in this video do not result in the generation and collection within Boom Learning of protected health record information.

This FAQ talks about how to assign decks to students. For many intervention students, you will use the information about Assigning to One or a Few students most. If you do group therapy, you may want to create a Classroom for each group so you can mass assign items. 

For thoughts on various platforms for teletherapy, we recommend a search in this support group, where lots of SLP users of Boom Learning hang out. We have a YouTube playlist of helpful tips on Boom and Teletherapy also.