For all cases, make sure to check the following:

  • Were the student's username and password entered correctly?
  • Is the student's device properly connected to the internet?
  • Which web browser is your student using? Internet Explorer is not supported by Boom Cards.


Student gets the error "Please wait for your teacher to finish setup."

If you are using Google Classrooms, you must import your classroom before your students can sign in. If you are using Boom classrooms, your student needs to click "Sign in with Boom" and instead of "Sign in with Google".

Student forgot their username or gets the error "user id not found" or "error 403" 

You can check a student's username in their classroom. Remember that Boom usernames are not the same thing as the student's "friendly" name. Notice this student would sign in using "student-t1" and not "student1."

Remember, if your students are having trouble remembering their usernames, you can change them by clicking on the username in their classroom. Usernames must be globally unique in our system, so add detail like a school abbreviation or teacher initials. For example, a student named "Billy" in teacher Miss Zara Smith's class might choose a username like "zs.billy"

Note: If your student is using "Sign in with Google," they need to contact Google for assistance recovering their Google Classroom account.

The student forgot their password or gets the error "incorrect password"

Your student may have entered the wrong password, but they also may have entered a username belonging to someone else. This has the same fix as "user-id not found" or "error 403", mentioned above. 

If you are using Sign in with Boom, you can reset your student's password by finding their profile in your classroom, opening the drop-down menu, and clicking "password".

Note: If your student is using "Sign in with Google," you will have to go through Google's account recovery process to reset their password.

Nothing happens or the page freezes when the student clicks "Sign in with Google"

It is likely the student's browser is blocking popups or third-party cookies. Allow both popups and third-party cookies from to fix this.

Student's login card QR code no longer works

Login card QR codes will not work if the student's username or password changes. You will need to make a new login card for the student if they want to log in using a QR code. Be aware that this will reset their password.