Many, many teachers are trying to master the fundamentals of distance education in a hurry. 

We frequently get a version of this question:

     "Why aren't the Boom Cards working when screen sharing on Zoom/Google Meets/Teams/etc."

Let's begin with what Screen Sharing is.

Screen sharing a broadcast. The Sharer broadcasts his or her screen to the Viewer. As with television broadcast, the Viewer can consume, but not interact with the content.

Student control

Different platforms have different controls. Different payment tiers may determine which controls are available to you. To determine whether you can transfer mouse control to a student, you must review the FAQs and Help Center for the platform you are using and learn how to make those transfers. 

In a virtual meeting, participants can take turns sharing. If the teacher or therapist really needs to watch the student interact with a Boom Card with student control and has not determined how to use mouse controls, the student must share his or her screen to the teacher. The teacher then views, but the student controls. As the meeting host, the teacher can end the sharing session when the time comes.

Additional Resources

Please refer to Remote Control for SLPS for platform-by-platform links to key FAQs about screen sharing and remote control.