This article will cover how teachers and authors can view a self-made or purchased deck outside of Preview mode.


I paid for a deck, but it only shows in Preview when I click on it!

Teachers and authors can only see decks in Preview. You can preview decks from their store page, your Library, or from your deck editor. While you can get the gist of a deck from Preview mode, we understand that sometimes it is more beneficial to see a deck exactly how a student would. 

How to view a deck outside of Preview

The quickest way to view a deck outside of Preview mode is to create a FastPlay link for your deck. FastPlay links will allow you to play a deck without requiring you to log into a student account. This is also the best option to use if you plan to use screen-sharing with your student over a digital meeting platform like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

To create a FastPlay link, navigate to your Library tab. Click the blue Action button on the deck of your choice, and then click on FastPin.

A box will pop up with some information about how FastPlay works. Click "Generate Pin" to view the link for your deck.

To view the deck as a student would, copy the full FastPlay link and paste it into your browser. You can then play through the deck outside of Preview mode, and the blue title bar at the top of the page should say "Fast Play" instead of "Preview".

What if I have Custom Play Settings for my deck?

Custom Play Settings will not display with a FastPlay link. To see the student experience for a deck with Custom Play settings, you can create a "fake student" on your account for testing purposes. 

To do this, simply add a new student to one of your existing classrooms. Make sure to notate the username and change it to something easier if needed. Click the blue arrow to the right of your fake student's name, and then click "Assign". Find the deck you'd like to test and assign it to your fake student.

Note: if you want to test out a self-made deck, you will need to Private Publish it first to make it available in your Library. If you don't know how to do this, please refer to this guide: Assigning your own decks to students with Private Publishing.

Now, you can sign out of your teacher account or open a new browser and navigate to the student login page. Sign in as your fake student. You will see the deck you assigned yourself in the Assignments list. Click on the deck, and play away!