If you want students to enter the exponents for squared (n²) or cubed (n³) values in a Fill in the Blank answer,

Go to Details 

Select the Subject Tab

And select Onscreen Keyboard: Math

Students will see this keyboard when entering an answer and can select squared or cubed exponents.

For exponents greater than squared or cubed, you need to use a different solution. 

You can ask for the answer to be provided in notation format:

Or you can use strategically places multiple text boxes (which provides for more nuanced error analysis and correction):


When entering an answer in the Answer Picker, you can type or paste in the answer box.

The most reliable way to enter the answer text is 

1. Set the deck to Onscreen Keyboard: Math (see above)

2. Add the FIB widget to your deck

3. Enter Preview mode from the Deck Editor

4. Type the answer you want the students to enter

5. Copy the answer string

6. Exit Preview

7. Double click the FIB box to open the Answer Picker

8. Paste the string into the answer picker

9. Repeat for alternate acceptable formulations of the answer until the answer is complete

Exponents from Boom Learning on Vimeo.