If your Library appears to be missing or missing items or if you are missing students or decks you made, this usually means that one of these things happened
  • you clicked Sign in with Facebook and missed the warning that it would create a new account
  • you clicked Sign in with Google and missed the warning
  • Google arbitrarily picked the wrong account and made a new one (on a device where you use more than one Google account) - you have to triple check that it has picked the correct account.
  • you had an older account you forgot about and are in that account now 
  • least likely, you entered a new email address and created a new account

In any of these cases, the solution is go to the top right menu (3 horizontal lines). Go to My Settings, Account, and copy your UserID and enter it into a reply to us. 

Next go to Sign Out. Now, think hard. What did you click or enter before to sign in? We have seen all of the following:

1. Facebook
2. A school Google
3. A personal Google
4. A discontinued school Google
5. A different email address (college, school, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, work, former work, etc.)
6. A different email address but same email domain (e.g., mteacher versus mrsteacher vs maryteacher)

Now try to login with your old account. 

If you've found the one you need and nothing needs to be merged. Congratulations!

If you no longer have access to the old account you'll need to send us proof (work ID or letter) that you once had access for use to help you recover the account. We cannot transfer school purchased accounts to personal email addresses without the express permission of the school admin.

If you can't find it, we can sometimes find out what happened if you forward a copy of a downloaded PayPal receipt or your Stripe receipt. We need a copy, not a screenshot please. We can also find it from a code we add at the bottom of messages from our Welcome Series.

If however, you need to request a merge, please copy the UserID for the second account and send both to us. We cannot move students. The account with students must become the primary account. You must manually move decks by using Transfer. Once you have finished those tasks, we can consolidate most email addresses into a single account. We can merge purchase records and purchased decks, transfer points, and update memberships for you.