If your deck is published to the Boom Store or was featured, you need to unpublish the deck prior to deleting it.

If your deck was locked and you've chosen to delete it, you will need to unpublish the deck. This applies even if the deck is published privately. 

If you'd like to delete a deck that has been sold at least once, the customers who purchased it will need to be refunded first. You will need to contact help@boomlearning.com with the Deck ID for us to process refunds. After these refunds are processed, you will be able to delete the deck from your Studio.

If the deck has been shared with colleagues, the deck will be permanently locked, and you will not be able to delete the deck. 

To delete your deck:

  1. Go to your Studio page
  2. Click on the Decks icon

Look for the deck you want to delete, then click on the "Action" menu and then the "Unprivate" button. This will unpublish your deck.

3. Once it is unpublished, you can delete the deck by clicking the red Delete button.