Boom! How to Set up a Classroom 

The power of Boom Cards lies in our student progress and performance reports. To use those reports, you'll need to create a Classroom and accounts for your students within them. You can set up a classroom from scratch or link it to an existing Google Classroom. 

Watch our video on how to Setting up a Boom Classroom

If you're using Google with your students already, check out our video on Importing Google Classrooms instead. 

Primary and Special Needs

To make Boom Learning easy for the littlest students read our FAQ on how to set up Picture Passwords and how to create a desktop shortcut to your classroom.

Need different assignments for different students? Watch how to do Single Student Assignments.

Assigning Boom Cards from an LMS, document or other location
We offer a special link for assigning Boom Cards decks from Google Classroom and related locations. Read more here.

Learn more about setting up your profile, assigning decks of Boom Cards to your students, and more in our Quick Start Guide for Teachers.