Teachers asking for Boom, but you don't know where to start? This article will take you step-by-step through the basics of what you'd be buying, how to get a quote, and what to expect. 

If you come across a term you don't understand as you read, pull up: Boom Learning Terminology - Helpful Definitions for reference.


Membership, Boom Cards, and Points - what am I buying? 

School/Organization accounts accommodate multiple educators under an umbrella account. The account can be used to purchase memberships, points, or a combination of the two and to assign or renew those all from one convenient dashboard. 

Memberships provide the data processing and hosting, so teachers can skip grading and see progress and performance data for each student on every Boom Card. In addition the the standard Reports, educators can track student progress and performance using Live Monitoring and intervene as necessary while students work. 

Memberships also empower educators to create custom curriculum (aka Boom Cards) in the Studio. They can create an unlimited number of Boom Cards and then assign them to students individually or in groups. 

The accounts on a School or Organization account belong to that School or Organization, so they cannot be used to sell Boom Cards and can be reassigned to new users as needed. 

Memberships do not automatically include access to ready-made Boom Cards. Pre-made decks of Boom Cards can be found in the Boom Store and purchased using points. Points can be added to an account at any time using the Estimate Builder, and accounts without points can use the Green, "Find Free" button to locate free decks in the store.

Points are used in the Boom store to purchase activities, images, fonts and more. Points can be added to an account at any time using the Estimate Builder. They never expire and do not require an active membership. You can find more information on points in our FAQ: Points - What are they and why do you use them

Admin Accounts are set up automatically and allow you to view and manage who and what is on the School or Organization Account. Admins can renew or purchase additional memberships or points, monitor usage of accounts, and reclaim unused points or memberships to be redistributed.

What if someone Already has an Account? 

Educators with existing accounts can be invited to join the school's account. The Admin simply sends an invitation from the Dashboard, and once the teacher accepts that invitation, they will show up on the dashboard. 

Accepting this invite means essentially donating an account to the school; any content already on the account becomes the property of the school from Boom Learning's perspective. 

If an educator does not want to donate their account, they can change the email on their existing account to a personal address, and a new account can be created using the school email address. 

Educators with two accounts have a couple of ways in which they can coordinate their personal and school accounts. They can Share Students with their other account, as well as Share, Clone, or Transfer Decks they have created. 

Similarly, if a teacher would like to move their current account onto a School/Organization Account, they can change their email from a personal one to a school address and that email can then be used to invite them. If the school email has already been assigned to an account, they can request the two accounts be merged by reaching out through the Help Center.

Buying Points for Boom Cards or Memberships

You can generate request a quote and get an estimate for your school or organization using the Estimate Builder. For payment options and information on the next steps for purchasing a School/Organizational Account, please see our FAQ: Buying Boom Cards for a School or Organization. 

Before you fill out your estimate, you will need a general idea of how many people on your account will be purchasing decks of Boom Cards and the number of decks they'll need to purchase. This will help you determine which points package to purchase and how many packages you'll need.

If you have just one or a few educators you'd like to purchase memberships for, and you do not wish to maintain ownership or have an Admin account, please take a look at our FAQ on Buying Memberships for Others.

Dashboard Access and Admin Account Set up

Start by reading this FAQ on how to access your new School Dashboard or watch the video below. It will walk you through logging in the first time and give you a quick tour of your new School Dashboard. 

School Administrator Account for Organizations from Boom Learning on Vimeo.

After you've purchased your school org account, you'll want to set up your Admin account. Choose someone to manage the resources and designate them as the Admin for the School's Org account. 

We automatically generate temporary usernames and passwords to get you started. You will want to update those, for sake of security as well as usability, as soon as you access your account.

Also, to ensure your Admin's access, you'll want to add an e-mail address to the Admin account. This e-mail address should be through the school's domain, and it must be unique. 

The e-mail you link to your Admin account cannot be already in use on any other Boom account, because no two accounts can have the same e-mail address on Boom Learning. Also, the duties and abilities of an Admin account are specific to managing a school's Dashboard which are not compatible with the functions of a Teacher account. 

After you've chosen a username, password, and e-mail for your Admin account, take some time to learn about the tools on your new Dashboard. These will enable you to distribute or reclaim the points or memberships purchased for your school. You'll find instructions outlined in Adding and Provisioning Teacher Accounts with the School Dashboard

Renewing Memberships and Adding Points or Seats in the Dashboard

You can renew your memberships from the Dashboard. Click on the "Subscription" tab. 

Then click on the blue "Request New Estimate" button to begin. 

Similarly, you can use this button add points or purchase additional teacher or student seats at any time.  

Privacy & Terms of Service

Boom Learning takes privacy very seriously. Read more about how we protect data in our Data Protection Addendum, learn how to How to change Classroom Privacy, or find out about Keeping rosters private.  Please also read our Terms of Service.

For legal questions, please reach out to: legal@boomlearning.com.

Still have questions?

If you have questions about buying Boom for your school, you can reach out to: sales@boomlearning.com or schedule an appointment to speak with someone over the phone. Please note that Boom is primarily operating from Pacific Time, and that high call volumes may limit the amount of time agents can spend on the phone.