In addition to instant feedback as they play each card, students can see how they did on the whole deck in a couple of places.

Any time a student finishes a deck, they will see a score card that summarizes how many right and wrong answers they gave as well as the the coins, gems, and pulses they earned for that play. 

Students can also see how they did on any deck that is currently assigned to them from their "Assignments" tab. This is the first page that comes up when you login on a student account (see: How to Log-in as a Student for steps). 

Under the "friendly name," is a summary of the coins, gems, and pulses they have eared. You can learn more about these in our FAQ: How do Students earn Coins, Gems, and Pluses


Below that is a list of all classes and then a list of all currently assigned decks. 

After you play a deck, a green circle will show up next to the deck in your Assignments list. The light green circle fills up with dark green as you play through the deck. 

Each time you play a deck, you may see only a subset of all the card in that deck, so it could take a while to play through all the cards in a large deck. When you've finished a deck, you'll see a check mark inside the dark green circle. The blue circle will show the number of gems you earned from it so far; you can always play a deck again to try and get all of the gems. 

Every right answer earns one gem. The blue circle, next to the green one, shows the number of gems you've earned over the total number of gems you could get from that deck.