The Slide Sorter feature for card management is a great way to sort through decks that have a large number of cards within them. To open the Slide Sorter, click on the Window icon near the "Template Card" text. 

This will open a new mini-window where you can see all of the cards in your deck. In this example, I have placed colored circles across a large number of cards. From this window, we have access to all of the same features that the standard Slide Sorter panel has. 

The Slide Sorter allows you to:

  • Add new cards to your deck
  • Create a new card from an image (generates a card with a background image of your choosing)
  • Duplicate existing cards
  • Delete existing cards
  • Rearrange the order of the cards in your deck

All of these settings can be seen as icons in the top right of the Slide Sorter panel.

You can highlight a card by clicking on it. If you close the Slide Sorter, the card you will see in the editing screen will match the one that you selected. We can rearrange cards by clicking and dragging them to the location where we want them to be. This is faster and easier than using the vertically stacked side panel that you have access to within the standard Studio view.

Once you have made your adjustments, simply press the "X" in the top right of the window to exit and return to the Studio.