The Boom Learning Teacher of the Month Program (the “Honor”) awards the designation "Outstanding Teacher" and a free membership to not more than one selected Honoree per month. Boom Learning may pause, discontinue, or restart the Honor program at any time in its sole discretion. Boom Learning determines the teacher to be awarded the Honor in its sole discretion from available nominees. Boom Learning, in its sole discretion, may elect to not select an Honoree from nominees if it determines that none of the nominees meet its criteria for selection.

1. Nominating an Educational Professional

Any K-12 education professional (the "Nominee") — including but not limited to teachers, professor, instructional assistants, instructional coaches, therapists, counselors, tutors, and homeschoolers — can be nominated to the program.

Automated or robotic nominations submitted by individuals or organization will be disqualified.

2. What is “Outstanding?”

Boom Learning is looking for Nominees whose public profile and education directed behaviors demonstrate passion for educating K-12 and transition students. Nominees must have a public and online presence that is suitable for a K-12 professional and that aligns with the values of Boom Learning. Disqualifying conduct can include, but is not limited to, inflammatory social media posts, arrest records, inappropriate TikTok videos. Boom Learning makes determines who qualifies as Outstanding in its sole discretion and its decision if final.

3. How often can an individual be awarded the Honor?

A Nominee may only receive the Honor once per calendar year.

4. What is the Honoree awarded?

The Honoree will receive a one-year, non-transferable, premium membership to Boom Learning. Boom Learning may in its sole discretion also collaborate with the Honoree on social media posts, blog posts, and other publicity regarding the Honor. 

5. How can I be considered for the Program?

To be considered for the Program, you must be nominated. Nominees are not required to know or currently use Boom Cards to be eligible for the program. No purchase is necessary to be nominated or to be awarded the Honor. A purchase does not improve your or your nominees chances of being awarded the honor

6. Taxes and gift rules 

The Honoree is responsible for any national, state, or local taxes based on the award value (see our current pricing for the award value). The Honoree is responsible for ensuring that he or she may accept the membership under any ethical rules that apply to the Honoree.

7. Publicity Grant

By accepting the Honor, you consent to Boom Learning's use of your proper name online and in print, or in other media, in connection with the Honor, without payment or compensation to you, except where prohibited by law.