Privacy Matters to Boom Learning










Privacy is important to schools, to parents, and to us. 

  • Read our Privacy Policy
  • Schools agree we are a FERPA school official
  • There is a section just for European Economic Area customers and an SSCA for you to sign.
  • Contact us if you need an additional privacy agreement or to use the DPA.

Email - Opt Ins and Opt Outs

We send email mesages using ActiveCampaign. You control whether you receive messages from us via ActiveCampaignWe do not sell our list to others. We automatically enroll you in notices and our welcome series. 

Customize News Subscriptions

We send transactional messages, such as password resets and expiration notices through SparkPost/Message Bird. You cannot opt out of these except by deleting your account. We promise not to be annoying with these. 

Messages sent to our help desk are tracked in a separate system (Freshdesk) and are not affected by your decision to unsubscribe or delete your account.

Controlling Your Privacy Destiny

It is important for you to be able to control your own privacy. We provide a number of controls for you throughout the app to enable you to add, edit, or delete information. You should become familiar with the controls available in Settings (your details) and Classes (student information). You can also delete student data logs in Reports.

Read our Privacy Policy for details about third parties we use. Our Cookie Policy explains which cookies we use and what controls you can activate.

Keeping Your Admin Happy

We've carefully crafted our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to meet the needs of school districts. Nonetheless, some schools want or need us to sign an additional form. We are signatories to several Student Data Privacy Consortiums (search for us under Omega Labs, Boom Learning, or just Boom Cards). We are also happy to work with you to sign a district-provided agreement.

Send a Document to Sign



Deleting Records and Data

DELETION IS IRREVERSIBLE!!! Data that doesn't exist can't be breached!!! It's a balance. 

You have controls available to delete students entirely or select progress reports. In case you forget, we have procedures in place to delete student records and stale teacher accounts. Please review our Privacy Policy for our current deletion schedule.

If you joined by mistake or no longer wish to have an account ?...

Delete My Account

Paid memberships are annual and non-refundable except in special circumstances (for example you accidentally purchased two subscriptions). 

Just for European Customers

We are a US-based company. We certify compliance with the Data Privacy Framework for our customers in the European Economic Area (EEA).