Click on the links below to access valuable resources and connect with presenters from the Back-to-School Symposium.

Day #1:


Monday, July 31st

Opening Keynote with April Graves (Teaching All Dae in Style) #aprilalldae

Counteracting Disengagement with Varied Learning Strategies with Amanda Bowen and Ivy Stern

Supporting Students' Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with Eryn Kjelland, Rachel Davis, and Sarah Griffin

Demystifying Educational Standards with Boom Cards with Angie Seltzer and Jane Iacobucci

Embracing ChatGPT and its AI Siblings in Education with Mary Oemig, our Co-founder and CEO

Day #2:

Tuesday, August 1st

15 Ways to Use Boom Cards with Yanichelle Rosado, a Boom Learning Customer Success Specialist

Creating Boom Cards (Beginner) with Kyle Savchuk, a Boom Learning Customer Success Specialist, and Special Guest David Sindrey

Creating Boom Cards (Masterclass) with Monica Molmisa and Michele Rothstein 

Boom Cards for Elementary School with Katie Falin and Janise Johnson

  • See attached for Katie's presentation

Boom for Secondary School with Michelle Stalions, Sarah Asma, and Liezel Brooks

Boom for Autism with Nikki Robertson and Jenn Adams 

  • See attached for Autism links

Day #3:


Wednesday, August 2nd

Developers' Showcase with Eric Oemig our Co-founder and CTO

Boom for SPED with Chandra Henry, Ashley Lutz, and Heather Cacioppo

Boom for Speech Therapy with Shelby Ford, Jennie Bjorem, Monica Molmisa, and Iowa SLP

Boom for Common Subjects: ELA, Math, and Social Studies with Ann Tracy, Angie Seltzer, and Emily Rao 

Boom for Music with Terri Lloyd, Kelly Bordeaux, and Joanna Petaloudas

Boom for Occupational Therapy with Dee & Africa

Supporting Augmentative and Alternative Communication System with Boom Cards with Shannon Archer

Innovative Approaches to Foreign Language Instruction with Boom Cards with Andi Hobbs, Jason Hobbs and Jennifer Saunders