The power of Boom Cards lies in our student progress and performance reports. To use those reports, you'll need to create a Classroom and accounts for your students within them. You can set up a classroom from scratch or link it to an external Classroom. In this article we will be explaining all of the ways you can create a Classroom in Boom!



There are a few different way to create a Classroom in Boom! You can Create your classroom using Boom or you can choose to import your students from an external site. We support importing students using Google Classroom, Microsoft, Clever, and ClassLink. 

Create a New Classroom using Boom

First, navigate to your Classes tab. Then, click "New Classroom" to make a new "Sign in with Boom" classroom.

Your new classroom will automatically be given a general "friendly" name. To change this, simply click on the bold lettering above the classroom's blue information box and edit the text. See the below screenshot for an example.


Each classroom you create also has a unique username and password. You can click on the automatically generated username or password to change either one to something that is easier to remember. All classroom usernames must be globally unique. If what you enter does not save, it means that name is already taken in our system.

When you change the classroom username or password, your classroom URL will also change to reflect this.

Note: New classrooms are Locked and Private by default. Locking a classroom prevents students from creating new accounts or changing their nicknames. They can still change their avatar and password. Making a classroom Private prevents students from seeing names of other students in your roster. When the student logs out of a non-private classroom, they will see your classroom page and a list of student names and avatars. For more information on classroom privacy, please take a look at this guide: How to Change Classroom Privacy Settings.

Creating a classroom using Boom means that the students created in this class will be able to sign in using a username, and password created by you. 

Adding Students

You can add students one at a time with the "New Student" button. To add multiple students at once, click the "Add Many Students" button and list your students in the pop-up box, then click "Add Students" when finished. 

How to Import Classes from External Sites

If you're using Google, Microsoft, Clever, and ClassLink with your students already, you can use the corresponding button in the "Import from" section to import the whole class.

Google Classroom users will find steps for Setting Up Google Classroom with Boom Learning here

Microsoft Users can learn how to Import a Microsoft classroom here.

ClassLink users can learn how to Integrate with ClassLink here.

Clever users should look for instructions on Linking a Clever Account here.

Create a Classroom your Students Can Add Themselves To

To make your classroom compatible with this, you will need to Unlock your classroom and update your classroom settings. You can unlock your Classroom by clicking the Unlock button, circled in the image below. You can change your classroom settings by clicking the blue "Settings" button in the right corner of your classroom information, circled in the image below. 

In your Classroom settings, you can choose, which account type your students will be able to use to create their accounts, if they need to, or sign into to their existing account and add themselves. Currently, students can join classrooms using Boom, Google, Microsoft, Clever, or ClassLink. 

Depending on which join option you choose, your students who navigate to your classroom URL will see corresponding buttons to create an account and join your classroom. The other options will prompt students to enter their login credentials for the site.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!