We are excited to announce our new integration with Canvas!

First, we need to set up your school with our Canvas integration. If you or your school is interested, please contact us at sales@boomlearning.com, an Agent will happily assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I access Boom Cards using Canvas?

  • The Boom Cards to Canvas integration is designed to be a seamless extension for people who are familiar with Canvas.
    • Both teachers and students can utilize Boom Cards from Canvas, without needing to access Boom Cards as a separate application.
  • Students can play Boom Cards assignments just like they would any other assignment inside of Canvas.
  • Teachers wanting to see more information about a Boom Cards assignment, can jump directly to that information by selecting the assignment from inside of Canvas.
  • When a student completes an assignment, the grade is automatically posted into Canvas

How will students login to Boom Cards?

  • Students never need to explicitly log in to Boom Cards. Students will access Boom Cards via the Canvas assignments only.
    • Brand new Boom Cards accounts will be provisioned for students the first time they access Boom Cards from Canvas.
    • If students already login to Boom Cards through different accounts, these accounts WILL NOT BE LINKED to the newly provisioned Canvas/boom student accounts.
  • New student accounts created through Canvas will not be tied to any previous Boom Cards accounts students may have.
    • Those existing accounts will NOT be deleted, but cannot be merged to the new Boom/Canvas student accounts.

How will teachers log in?

  • Teachers can access Boom Cards in several different ways from within Canvas. For step-by-step instructions, refer to our Getting started with Boom Cards in Canvas FAQ.
    1. Select the “Boom Cards” link in Canvas’ course context menu
      1. This is to access things like the library or store.
      2. Classrooms created outside of Canvas can be accessed here
      3. Canvas assignment CANNOT be made here.
    2. Select ‘Boom Cards’ when creating an assignment (as an external tool)
    3. Select a previously created assignment in Canvas that was creating to use Boom cards (as in item #ii above)
  • The first time a teacher logs in from Canvas, they will have the ability to link their existing Boom Cards account to Canvas.
  • If a teacher does not already have a Boom Cards account, they will create a brand new one.

How do students play a Boom Cards assignment?

  • Here are detailed instructions on Creating a Boom Cards Assignment within Canvas.
  • Students just need to select the assignment from inside of Canvas.
  • Assignments created in Canvas are stored in Canvas and will not appear as an assignment inside of Boom Cards.

When a student completes a Boom Cards assignment, will the grade show in SpeedGrader?

  • Yes. Teachers can also see Reports by Students and Reports by Cards.

Can I see my Canvas classroom inside of Boom Cards?

  • At the current time, the Canvas classrooms are not visible inside of the Boom Cards app.

How can I see the reports of my students? (I’m used to viewing classroom reports in Boom Cards)

  • To view the reports for a Canvas assignment, click on the assignment inside of Canvas.
    • When a student clicks on an assignment in Canvas, they will play the Boom Cards lesson.
    • When a teacher clicks on an assignment in Canvas, they will see the reports for that assignment

I had assignments that were created in Boom Cards when I accessed Boom Cards from Clever. Are those still there?

  • Those assignment are still there.
  • If an existing teacher account was “connected” to Canvas, the old assignments can be accessed by either:
    • Logging into Boom Cards directly and using the familiar Boom Cards interface.
    • OR, selecting the “Boom Cards” link in the course context menu, which will launch Boom Cards and sign you into Boom Cards where you can use the familiar Boom Cards interface.
  • For a student to play old assignments created in Boom Cards, the student will need to access those assignments without using the Canvas integration. They will need to log in to Boom Cards using their old credentials.
    • Student accounts created by Canvas will be unique and will not share any data with the old student accounts for which those lessons had been assigned.

How do I limit which students have a Boom Cards assignment?

  • Boom Cards assignments made from Canvas are just like any other Canvas assignment.
  • If you want to change the settings or access for an assignment, use the Canvas controls just like you would for any (non-Boom Cards) assignment in Canvas

What do I need to do to “roster” my students?

  • You do not need to worry about “rostering” or importing student info from Canvas into Boom Cards.
  • All “rostering” is done automatically when students log in from Canvas.
  • You do not need to think about “rostering” as you may have previously.
    • Canvas assignments that link to Boom Cards should “just work” for your students; without you needing to synchronize students in Boom Cards with your Canvas classrooms.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at help@boomlearning.com or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!