For those of you serving special needs students, you may need to make sure your students cannot see each other's accounts or progress data. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Students do not have access to each other's progress data. Only teacher accounts can see all student data.
  2. By default, when a student logs out of THEIR account, they get logged into the classroom space. Here, students can see each other's alias and avatar. To change that, open a Classroom, click the "Not Private" button, and change the Classroom to "Private". When a classroom is marked Private, when a student logs out, they will not see the classroom list. Do NOT handout classroom username/password or url after marking it private.
  3. You will need to create student accounts for a private classroom and hand out username/passwords. Do not distribute the Classroom username and password or url.

An additional privacy hygiene step you should take is to individualize passwords (Print Roster/QR will do this for you). 

Finally, consider doing individualized assignments. Read Assigning to One or a Few Students in this FAQ.